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Aging in the world of digitalisation: the role of medical tourism
Imen Sdiri  1@  
1 : Faculté des Sciences Economique et de Gestion de Tunis Elmanar

Technology has shaped the progress of most industries, and medical tourism is no exception. While social media is perceived to be an effective communication channel for both tourists and tourism providers, empirical analyses of the marketing use of this channel for medical tourism sector are not yet developed. In fact, the obsession with a youthful appearance has become the new trend of the modern society where seniors are desperately trying to reverse the aging process. This paper examines the relation between digital marketing and medical tourism. Also, it investigates from the perception of the medical providers, how digital platforms promoted new standards of beauty to older adults and how the medical tourism providers engage with this sample via social media and participate in achieving its objectives. Ten case studies in the medical tourism sector were investigated and findings indicate that social media plays an important role in marketing new trends and stimulate older adults' customers to be engaged in the medical tourism sector. The study provides practical ways to involve, improve and develop social media marketing within the medical tourism sector.

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