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Does Open Source Adoption directly impact financial performance or does community involvement mediate the relationship?
Veronique Sanguinetti  1@  , Kiane Goudarzi  1@  
1 : Centre de Recherche Magellan  (magellan)
Université Jean Moulin - Lyon III : EA3713, Institut d'Administration des Entreprises (IAE) - Lyon

Open Source appeared in the software industry in the early 1980s under the name “free software” (Von Hippel, 2001). The objective of the research is to investigate the role of Internal Open Source Adoption and Community involvement on financial performance. The relationships are tested by structural equation modelling on perception-based measures with managers on a sample of 137 organizations by using R, an Open Source language and environment for statistics.
The research shows the mediating role of formalized and result-oriented community involvement in the relationship between Internal Open Source adoption and financial performance. Internal Open Source Adoption fosters community involvement in terms of formalized and result-oriented community involvement, but result-oriented community involvement has a positive effect on financial performance, whereas formalization of the relationship with the communities has a negative effect on financial performance.

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