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Iterative IT based serious game development in the field of sustainable development
John Kingston  1@  
1 : Laboratoire LEMNA, Ecole Doctorale EDGE
polytech nantes

In engineering classes, traditional classroom teaching is competing with the fact that smartphone content attracts students' attention. This is especially true in courses considered as peripheral to core academic content such as sustainable development classes. In response to this situation, we are exploring serious games' potential in the sustainable development civil engineering teaching field. To do so, we are currently developing a new serious game that will be played on smartphones. We also explore how serious game-based pedagogy can perhaps help promote interest in sustainable development issues. Furthermore, we suggest a method allowing us to regularly enhance our new serious game through an articulated dual set of questions about serious games. This iterative evaluation approach, leads to an ongoing two-step enhancement of both the developed IT serious game itself and of its associated heuristic list used to evaluate the serious game.

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