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Innovation for and with everybody : toward an inclusive innovation framework
Estelle Peyrard  1@  , Cécile Chamaret  1@  , Thierry Rayna  1@  
1 : Centre de recherche en gestion i3
Ecole Polytechnique, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique : UMR9217

While innovation is often a promise of a better life, some groups of people are generally excluded from it, both because they do not have access to the output of innovation and because innovation is systematically designed without them. Yet, those excluded groups, be they disabled, ill, aged or on low-incomes, have unanswered needs and could be a source of inspiration for innovation for the general public. Inclusive innovation has highlighted this stake of innovating for and with excluded groups but a lot needs to be done to precise the different modalities of Inclusive Innovation, considering all excluded groups. What are the different ways of doing inclusive innovation in companies and institutions? What are the associated challenges for companies and institutions? Building on previous literature, a new framework is presented with a typology of inclusive innovation outcomes and processes. Each stage of these typologies are then detailed and associated challenges depicted.

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