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ERP implementation projects: learnings from an action research
Anass Mawadia  1@  , Ariel Eggrickx, Philippe Chapellier@
1 : Université de Montpellier
MRM Montpellier Recherche Management

The ERP implementation literature advocates a relatively standard and planned approach: little customization of ERP on the grounds that it incorporates best practices, and re-engineering processes. A multi-cycle Action Research (AR) dealing with the ERP in a dozen small subsidiaries of a group reveals increasingly extensive and diversified bricolage practices between the first (5 subsidiaries in Spain) and the second cycle (5 subsidiaries in 3 countries). The second cycle helps to confirm and deepen the theoretical learning induced in the first cycle. These results show that the literature of large companies is not adapted to small, and that a « bricolage » vision is necessary to implement rigid systems such as ERP in a flexible environment but under constraint of resources as small subsidiaries .

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