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Conference Attendance, Presentation, to Publication: an ICIS/AMCIS and IS Basket of Eight Analysis
Takeda Hirotoshi  1, 2@  
1 : University of Southern Maine
2 : Université Laval

Traditionally in the IS field our doctoral education tells us to incrementally ‘grow' a paper from having peers look at and critique, to then conference publication, and then journal publication. This study tries to link conference attendance, to conference presentation, then to journal publication. We track the attendance lists of the ICIS and AMCIS conferences, and the presenting authors at the same conferences, to the IS basket of eight authors during the same ten year period to see which authors show up in sequence between conference attendance, conference presentation, and then journal publication. Results show that there is a tendency to move from conference attendance, to conference presentation, and journal publication, but not a whole movement with many papers being lost in the process. We also find that there are more authors moving from conference attendance to presentation in ICIS than AMCIS, which was unexpected.

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